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The Local Pros in Waterproofing

To protect the structural integrity of your home, work with a waterproofing professional to prevent water and vapor ingress.  Trust Roofing can inform you on the different types of waterproofing solutions and their purposes. From cementitious waterproofing that’s great for dams and tunnels to liquid waterproofing membrane intended for roofs, we are happy to clarify the differences among each one. Whatever waterproofing method you decide, you will be investing in your property.

Waterproofing Areas of Your Home

Without a reliable waterproofing system in place, your home will be susceptible to leaks, mold infestation and damage. Moisture that accumulates can pose a constant concern for you. However, if you need waterproofing for your roof or basement, we offer the following solutions:

  • Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
  • Bituminous Waterproofing
  • Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Waterproofing
  • Cementitious Waterproofing

Begin waterproofing your roof, whether you have a domed or flat roof. Our waterproofing services in Norwood involves waterproofing membranes that stretch and return to their original shape without damage. Explore our waterproofing agents that have proven performance and offer a seamless finish and long-term durability. Trust Roofing is a reliable resource for seeking waterproofing services in Massachusetts. We strive to be the city’s trusted supplier of top-quality waterproofing systems.


The company is professional. Multi-day job that was done in fashionable time. Maintained cleanliness of my property, my pets could roam the yard as soon as they left. Strict safety and Covid-19 protocol was followed. Overall, very impressed with Trust Roofing.

James B.

Andrew was extremely reliable and performed the services on our home in a timely manner. Promptness and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. He did a great job and we would call him again

Donna D.

I live in a cottage that had rats chewing through my ceiling. I reached out to Andrew late that night and the next day he came out, gave a quote, purchased materials, put up ceiling, and came back to finish the molding the next morning. He was honest, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Most importantly he got the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Would highly recommend Andrew for any home repair or remodeling

Sean O.

Andrew on this team was absolutely phenomenal. A roaches nest had made living quarters in cracks in my ceiling. He responded in a timely manner, and was attentive and responsive to the needs of my home. He even took the time to engage with my child who was interested in the process and showed him how it’s done! Especially important all COVID-19 protocols were followed. I will be recommending this team to everyone I know going forward. Thanks so much for your care and hard work!

Amira S

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