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rubber roof

A Shingle Roofing Service That is Beyond Extraordinary

Trust Roofing will take account of your roofing needs and have your shingle roof installed or repaired within impressive timing. The output you’ll receive from our credible professionals should award you assurance as our shingle tile products are sourced from quality materials and installed with a distinct degree of professionalism. Since our inception, we have been offering dependable shingle roofing service that customers could hang their hat on. Our local shingle roofing company embodies integrity and hard work through delivering transparent service and quality roofing systems.

A Roofing Solution That’s Revered for Its Countless Benefits

Asphalt shingle roofs are one of the most popularized and resilient options when seeking durable roofs. They not only come in a myriad of shapes, textures and colors, but serve their purpose of protecting homes and offices from spring to winter. In addition to reflecting sunlight in more scorching climates, shingle roofing systems provide a laundry list of reasons why homeowners like you should invest in this versatile option:

  • Economical Option
  • Simple, Hassle-Free Installation
  • Variety of Colors, Textures and Shapes
  • Fire and Algae-Growth Resistant
  • Excellent in Keeping Inside of Buildings Cool
  • Fare Well in Snowy Regions
  • Minimal Carbon Footprint

Commercial and residential property owners in Norwood continue to choose asphalt shingle roofs as their perennial favorite. If you need shingle roofing services, such as installation or a repair, know that every job, facilitated by us, is satisfied with precise planning, friendly assistance and continuous communication. We at Trust Roofing measure up to the roofing expert you have been waiting for, as we work tirelessly to deliver distinguished service and impressive quality.


The company is professional. Multi-day job that was done in fashionable time. Maintained cleanliness of my property, my pets could roam the yard as soon as they left. Strict safety and Covid-19 protocol was followed. Overall, very impressed with Trust Roofing.

James B.

Andrew was extremely reliable and performed the services on our home in a timely manner. Promptness and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. He did a great job and we would call him again

Donna D.

I live in a cottage that had rats chewing through my ceiling. I reached out to Andrew late that night and the next day he came out, gave a quote, purchased materials, put up ceiling, and came back to finish the molding the next morning. He was honest, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Most importantly he got the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Would highly recommend Andrew for any home repair or remodeling

Sean O.

Andrew on this team was absolutely phenomenal. A roaches nest had made living quarters in cracks in my ceiling. He responded in a timely manner, and was attentive and responsive to the needs of my home. He even took the time to engage with my child who was interested in the process and showed him how it’s done! Especially important all COVID-19 protocols were followed. I will be recommending this team to everyone I know going forward. Thanks so much for your care and hard work!

Amira S

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