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Benefitting From Rubber Roofs

With roofing materials arriving a dime a dozen on the market, how will you know if rubber roofs are best for you? Rubber roofs are designed for low sloped and flat roofs and provide a myriad of benefits. They not only repel moisture, prevent water damage and extend the lifespan of your existing roof structure, but have proven to lower heating and cooling costs. Watch as your electric bill dwindles with our rubber roof installation service. We at Trust Roofing offer affordable rubber roofing installation. Our results yield minimal upkeep and are demonstrated to be fire-resistant and long-lasting.

A High-Quality Rubber Roofing System Installed by a Quality-Conscious Team

For a leader in rubber roofing installation, Trust Roofing is the name to trust. Our years of experience in rubber roofing service qualifies us for any small- or large-scale project. We will install an ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) rubber roofing system that is superior to outdoor exposure, from hail to high winds. We make the rubber roofing installation process seamless, among other exceptional benefits you are sure to receive:

  • Hassle-free rubber roofing installation service
  • Work with a well-informed roofing team
  • Use of top-of-the-line products and material
  • A team that adheres to safety guidelines, mission and values
  • Experienced professionals who see each job through and through

With Massachusetts’s climate being so fickle, rubber roofs can bear nature’s most inclement weather and stand the test of time, further securing your business’s future and your peace of mind. Call the rubber roofing installation experts at Trust Roofing in Norwood for a roofing protection you can hang your hat on.


The company is professional. Multi-day job that was done in fashionable time. Maintained cleanliness of my property, my pets could roam the yard as soon as they left. Strict safety and Covid-19 protocol was followed. Overall, very impressed with Trust Roofing.

James B.

Andrew was extremely reliable and performed the services on our home in a timely manner. Promptness and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. He did a great job and we would call him again

Donna D.

I live in a cottage that had rats chewing through my ceiling. I reached out to Andrew late that night and the next day he came out, gave a quote, purchased materials, put up ceiling, and came back to finish the molding the next morning. He was honest, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Most importantly he got the job done quickly without sacrificing quality. Would highly recommend Andrew for any home repair or remodeling

Sean O.

Andrew on this team was absolutely phenomenal. A roaches nest had made living quarters in cracks in my ceiling. He responded in a timely manner, and was attentive and responsive to the needs of my home. He even took the time to engage with my child who was interested in the process and showed him how it’s done! Especially important all COVID-19 protocols were followed. I will be recommending this team to everyone I know going forward. Thanks so much for your care and hard work!

Amira S

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